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Clarification on Newt’s moon colony idea.

Congress is getting ready to push for Keystone XL.


There was lots of talk about pythons in the everglades this week. This article is nice overview of invasives, and contains a link to an old video about a python that exploded after eating an alligator.

Wait, what?

What would really happen if you were ejected from your space-craft, without proper protection.

The next step in the evolution of computer interface, navigation by eye movement.

An awesome illustration of that kindergarten game, “telephone.”

Bitch Bitch Bitch!

Let’s meet those 16 “scientists” WSJ thinks are climate experts.

The Saudi oil minister says the oil industry doesn’t create many jobs.

That’s Not Science

The Muppets respond to Fox New’s attacks.

Out of Time Wrap-Up

Pulling an all-nighter to get work done can make you less productive, and an interesting article about yawning and mimicry.

The mysterious goo-rain of Bournemouth, England.

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Boston Globe’s The Big Picture looks at coal.

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