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James Cameron made it to the bottom, and holy crap is that deep!


An article’s been floating around this week, promising a 100% effective, safe, reversible birth control… for men. Do we buy it?

Wait, what?

The mimic octopus… just wow.


Just what we need… another giant source of natural gas.

An explosion at a compressor station goes almost unreported.

Bitch Bitch Bitch!

A village in Texas is missing its idiot, and its water.

That’s Not Science

Jose Canseco, climate scholar/twitter preacher.

Out of Time Wrap-Up

A new PA law could prevent doctors from talking to patients about fracking chemicals.

It’s too late to stop global warming, so we quit. (One is a joke, one isn’t)

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An animated look at global ocean currents… visual meditation.

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